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Based on Section 95 of Act No.131/2002 on Higher Education, the university provides its students with a scholarship from the state budget or from the university's own resources. UJS students are entitled to three types of scholarships. Students with excellent grades are entitled to a benefit scholarship. Students who come from underprivileged families can apply for a social scholarship. Students with outstanding performance may be awarded a special scholarship by the Rector. In addition, doctoral students (i.e. students in the third cycle of studies) receive a doctoral scholarship.


Social scholarship

The aim of the social scholarship is to make higher education more accessible to students from socially disadvantaged families.

Every student of the first full-time study at a university in Slovakia who has permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic is entitled to a social scholarship, provided that he or she has not exceeded the standard length of studies and that his or her family's monthly income is not higher than the income threshold determined on the basis of the minimum subsistence level. A student in the third cycle of studies (PhD) is not entitled to a social scholarship.



Motivation scholarship


Motivational scholarships at RTF UJS are an opportunity to reward active students for their efforts in their studies and work for the benefit of the faculty. The awarding of motivational scholarships at RTF UJS is governed by the UJS Scholarship Regulations and the UJS Study Regulations.

Motivational scholarships are awarded as:

- Benefit scholarships,

- Extraordinary scholarships.

Merit scholarships

Merit scholarships are awarded to 10 % of students according to their weighted average.

Notes. A list of students who have been awarded a scholarship will be published on the faculty website.

Extraordinary scholarships

The Rector of UJS decides on the awarding of extraordinary scholarships to students.


Scholarship from own resources

Pursuant to Section 97 of the Higher Education Act, the University awards scholarships from its own resources to students and graduates, within the limits of its own resources, in particular for achieving outstanding results in the field of study, research, development, artistic or sporting activities or as one-off or regular social support. The conditions are determined by the UJS Scholarship Regulations.



Doctoral scholarship 


A full-time doctoral student who is a resident of a Member State shall be entitled to a scholarship for the duration of the standard period of study of the programme of study to which he/she has been admitted, if he/she has not already obtained a third-level higher education qualification:

- until the dissertation examination has been passed, at least at the level of the 9th grade and the first grade according to a special regulation (Act No 553/2003 Coll. on the remuneration of certain employees in the performance of public work and on amendments and supplements to certain acts, as amended); and

- after passing the dissertation examination, at least the 10th salary grade and the first salary step in accordance with a special regulation.

A doctoral student shall not receive a stipend during the interruption of his/her studies. 

A full-time doctoral student shall lose his/her right to a scholarship after the standard duration of studies has elapsed.



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