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Department of Applied Sciences

About the Department

The Department of Applied Sciences at the Faculty of Reformed Theology of J. Selye University is responsible for the subjects of the bachelor and master programmes in Missiology, diaconia and social care. The Department also includes the Department of Catechetics of the Faculty of Education, therefore this Department provides the teaching of theological subjects in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes of the Catechetical Teacher Training Programme (in combination).
Missiology, diaconia and social care:
The profile courses of Bachelor degree are: Introduction to Missiology, Biblical Knowledge 1, Foundations of Social Work and Sociology 1, Biodromal Development, Biblical Knowledge 2, Foundations of Social Work and Sociology 2, History of the Diaconate, Thematic Disciplines 1, Practical Theology1, Thematic Disciplines2, Social Welfare1, Philosophy, Practical Theology2, Thematic Disciplines3, Social Work2, Vacation Practice, Thematic Disciplines4, Social Work3, Social Work Field Practice in Church Settings, Undergraduate Seminar, Thematic Disciplines5, Social Work4, Communication.
The profile subjects of Master degree are: Social Science 1, Theological Subjects 1, Theory of Methodology, Socio-Economic 1, Social Policy 1, Theory of Social Psychological Issues 1, Social Science 2, Theological Subjects 2, Professional Practice and Mediation, Socio-Economic 2, Hereditary Diseases and Foundations of Genetics, Social Psychological Activities 1, Social-Scientific Area 3, Professional Practice in the Church and Supervision, Theory of Social-Psychological Issues 2, Thesis Seminar1, Social-Psychological Activities 2, Social-Scientific Area 4, Social-Psychological Activities 3, Social Policy 2, State Examination, Thesis with Defense, Thesis Seminar 2.
Catechetical Teacher Training Programme (in combination):
The profile courses of Bachelor degree are: Introduction to Catechetics 1, Biblical Studies 1, Biblical Studies 2, Foundations of Catechetics 1, Biblical Studies 3, Biblical Studies 4, Biblical Studies 5, Foundations of Catechetics 4
The profile subjects of Master degree are: Didactics of Catechetics 1, Biblical Sciences 1, Didactics of Catechetics 2, Biblical Sciences 2, Catechetics, Perspectives on the Study of Catechetics
In addition to their teaching work, the faculty members of the department take care of research, publications, conferences, international and inter-university relations.


KEGA 006UJS-4/2021 Concise explanatory glossary in Hungarian with a five-language glossary in book, CD-ROM and Open Access form. 2021-2023

Erasmus+ 2020-1-RO01-KA203-079899 VOLEE - Strengthening volunteering and its recognition in higher education curricula and the labour market in Eastern Europe 2020-2022 - as co-investigators

Horizon2020 _ No.: 101004653: School-community partnerships to reverse inequality and exclusion: Transformative practices in segregated schools" - 2020-24 - as co-investigators







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